Satellite Phones Provide Undisrupted Communication in the Outback

A Satellite Phone significantly shapes connectivity like no other communications device, whether it is a cellular phone or GPS system.

Apart from the adventurers seeking camping spots in the Australian Outback, Hikers, Walkers, Cyclists, Explorers, and more, the Emergency Services and Remote Services Departments should have Satellite Phone communications. Reliable communication in desperate times offers a dynamic solution in providing secure communication facilities and extremely reliable connectivity.

These innovative devices such as an Iridium satellite Phone provide a global platform for communication without disruption. Tough environments and any weather condition will keep communication with an iridium phone possible with the powerful satellite network. Some models come with a hands-free function and combined with a long battery life, nobody needs to be out of communication.

Australia’s remote mining areas often have unique communication problems, with little or no landline infrastructure and little or no cellular phone connection. Keeping in mind that electricity may not be reliable or available, accessorizing a satellite phone is an aspect to keep in mind especially if you know you will be away overnight or longer. A large list of accessories, including spare batteries, antennas, car kits and more are available for satellite phone rental or hire.

Making a call for example using an Iridium satellite phone is simple as you can be anywhere in the open as long as you have a view of the sky. Switch on your phone with the antenna extended, pointing towards the sky, a flashing green LED indicator will ensure you the phone is registered to the satellite network.

Dialing direct emergency numbers in Australia from your Iridium Satellite phone are possible for Satellite phone numbers starting with 04 or +8816. It is advisable and highly recommended to check direct emergency numbers from your local police station, who will provide you with direct numbers to outback community police stations, before you go on any trip.

Nearly all Australians may have mobile coverage; however, none of it will mean anything during outback travelling. Before anyone is stuck and it may be remote enough to make a walk back to civilization impossible, ask the Australian Government about their Satellite Phone Subsidy and if you qualify.

Listing Your Dealer for the Satellite Phone Subsidy

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