Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme Provided By the Australian Government

Here is some bad news for Australians who live outside the coverage of terrestrial mobile phone companies. The Australian government has recently withdrawn a satellite phone subsidy scheme that will ease up the cost of satellite communication for people who do not have access to regular mobile phones due to their locations.

This scheme will provide discounts to approved applicants once they purchase their satellite phone. The satellite phone subsidy scheme is open for individuals, businesses, groups, companies, and organizations. However, there will be limitations imposed on the number of applications that can be submitted. Individuals, for instance, are only allowed one subsidy, while health organizations may be given 2 or more subsidies.

There are two types of subsidies, which are as follows:
-Subsidy 1 – This is available for people, businesses, or organizations that are living or have offices that are situated outside of the mobile phone network coverage.
-Subsidy 2 – This scheme is open for people, businesses, or organizations that are within the mobile phone network coverage area provided that they can prove that they spend at least 180 days every two years in areas that have no access to mobile network.

If you are interested in applying for this satellite phone subsidy scheme don’t bother simply go to rentasatphone and rent one instead, you need to process your application before you purchase your phone in any one of the participating outlets. You can get a copy of the application form by visiting your dealer directly or online, fill the forms in, and submit them. You will receive a letter of approval and you should show this to your dealer before you buy the satellite phone so that the proper discount will be deducted from the retail price.

With this great scheme, getting connected to your loved ones, who seem so near yet out of reach due to the limitations of mobile network coverage, will become easier and more affordable.

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