Satellite Phone Subsidy

Due to geographical and terrestrial variations, some mobile users in Australia may find themselves out of mobile phone coverage range. This is why the Australian government has come up with the satellite phone subsidy scheme to help those who are outside mobile coverage to be able to buy satellite mobile phones. For applicants to be eligible for this scheme they have to consider a few factors such as the type of phone covered, getting extensions after approval and dealer identification.

Here are some of the conditions:

· The phone must be a mobile satellite phone; this includes those that are installed in vehicles and vessels. Phones fixed to homesteads, buildings and other immobile structures may not be eligible under the scheme.

· For prepaid handsets, they have to be connected for at least two years.

· You are only eligible for the subsidy before and not after purchasing a satellite phone or hiring a satellite phone since you have to produce an approved purchaser form to the dealer before buying. The department does not approve subsidies for already purchased phones; however you may contact them to speed up the process for urgent cases.

· In the event that your application is rejected on mobile coverage grounds you may have the department review their decision by providing information such as proof from service providers to show that the area lacks coverage.

· You are required to identify a dealer during the application as a prerequisite to approval. Dealers have to be registered under the scheme and may do so here You may change dealers although this has to be done through an official request in writing.

· Getting an extension after expiry of the approval period is not possible. This means that after your approval period has expired you will have to submit another application to be eligible for the subsidy. You may however get an extension before the approval period expires by applying to the department. This is subject to approval.

· Applicants are not eligible for the subsidy after the approval has expired.

· Phones purchased under payment plans may only be eligible if the plan shows a specified charge for the satellite phone.

Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme Provided By the Australian Government

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