Satellite phones

Satellite phones are basically mobile phones that connect to orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell sites. They are equipped with several services similar to the smart phones. They are of a great use in many different circumstances. They are available according to the client’s needs like Iridium 9555 extreme satellite phone for business men, Iridium 9575 satellite phone for all sorts of users, and there is then the Iridium Go 

Satellite phones are very useful during emergency situations to help emergency services. During disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes normal phones are of no use as they don’t work due to network problems. The terrestrial cell antennas and networks get damaged by these types of disasters.

Even during the widespread emergencies like terrorist attacks and wars the normal phones are tough to use as the systems get overloaded right at the time of need. In these cases too, satellite phones act as a great help.

Satellite phones are not affected by these problems as they are connected to satellites and spot beams which cover a large area with relatively few voice channels. They thus are very useful during this period. They undoubtedly serve as a lifesaving device during at time of emergency.

Apart from their use in emergency services, these phones are also very important for mountain climbers. Mountain climbers during their adventure have no network coverage. And as their work is full of thrills they might find that they need emergency help. Satellite phones like the Istaphone Pro are the perfect choice. It is the perfect economical option for  remote communications.

With these phones the climbers get a constant coverage which allows them to easily communicate at a time of need. They are easily able to transmit signals unhindered by any sort of cellular tower damage.

Along with that this kind of phone does not only transmit voice calls but provides you with wide range of functions like Internet which allows you to check your emails, surf and chat. Or go to satellite phone hire in Australia to find out more by clicking this link

Satellite Phones for Shippers

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